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HGH Release Supplements

The best HGH release supplements available are the ones that are going to be easy to use. Why? Because if you expect your HGH release supplement to work effectively, you need to be using it every day so that you can get the maximum amount of benefits from the product as possible.

Below we will review the many types of HGH Releaser Supplements available to help you make a decision about which kind of supplement is right for you.

HGH Release Supplement Types

The first type is a pill. Pills are a well known form of HGH release supplement that are easy to swallow and decently effective at improving your human growth hormone levels. But the pills are not without their problems. The amino acids in many pills can be broken down in your stomach, causing them to lose some of their effectiveness. The only way to avoid that is to swallow a larger pill, which many people find both inconvenient and difficult.

Sprays are another, better form of HGH release supplement because they are incredibly portable (able to fit in your pocket) and are absorbed by your gums, allowing you to get all of the supplement because they are digested even before it reaches your stomach. They are quick and easy and more effective than pills, making them likely the best type of HGH release supplement available.

The final type comes in a very strange form - a cream. Creams are absorbed through your skin similar to the way the oral sprays are taken, in that they bypass the digestive system. That makes them more effective in a sense, but they too have some serious usability issues. For one thing, you need to make sure you have left the HGH release supplement on your skin long enough for it to sink in. If you need to take it 2 times a day, when will you have time for this? You clearly cannot go outside with a giant blob of goo on the back of your neck, so although it is easy, it is clearly not convenient. Similarly wiping it off too early means it will not work as well, and since there is no way to know whether or not your body has absorbed it all, it is too easy to wipe it off before it has completed its job.

So although the jury is still out, the best HGH release supplement is very likely to be an oral spray like Sytropin.