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HGH Supplement Side Effects

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and is found in abundance in the bodies of people under 30 years old. Since HGH is a naturally occurring hormone, side effects from HGH treatment are rare. With proper usage, HGH supplements should not produce any unwanted side effects. It is the person who does not listen to the recommended dosage amounts that risks suffering from potential side effects of too much HGH in the system.

One side effect of too much HGH in the system is hypoglycemia. Simply put, hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. Signs of low blood sugar include dizziness, confusion, shaking and nausea and can be relieved by drinking a beverage that has a high concentration of sugar. Low blood sugar is caused by the levels of insulin in the body being too high and can be caused by too much exercise without proper eating, dieting, or potentially by taking too much of a human growth hormone supplement. Follow dosing guidelines and you should have no problems with hypoglycemia while taking an HGH supplement.

People who are predisposed to an abnormal bone growth disease known as acromeglia have found that human growth hormone treatments have sped up the progression of the disease. It is important to note that HGH supplements do not cause acromeglia, but HGH treatment in general can aggravate the condition and may not be worth the risk for people who have this condition.

Distended, swollen bellies are another potential side effect from taking HGH supplements, but again, this is found in hardcore bodybuilders who use too much of the supplement. A little goes a long way with HGH supplements and more is not better. It is tempting, once we see results, to want those results even quicker but taking more HGH than recommended will produce unwanted side effects and will not promote a general sense of well being.

Edema, or general swelling, can also occur when HGH supplements are misused. Customers who take too much HGH Supplement may find that they have limited hand movements or pain in the wrists. This is caused carpal tunnel syndrome and can be due to the increase in swelling around the wrists, a side effect of too much HGH. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be painful and if not treated, can lead to long term chronic pain in the wrists.

Overall, the risk of side effects when taking a human growth hormone supplement is low. When taken as directed, HGH supplements can provide your body with the necessary ingredients to repair tissue, can improve memory, and can help you fight the signs of aging. Too much of a good thing is not necessary. Follow the dosing instructions and you will take the risk out of using HGH supplements. Nothing happens overnight so have patience. Allow HGH to work over a period of at least three months. Within this time period you should begin to see the results you were looking for.